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Bulagirl's blog - January 2007

Wednesday, 31st of January 2007

One month down and eleven more to go. Yeah, it's already the end of the first month of the year. Time really flashes by. That's right, am looking forward to Easter and of course, contemplating what to give up for Lent. Don't tell me !!!

Some news on www.swissinfo.org ..

Thousands of new businesses have been started in Switzerland to take advantage of the buoyant economy, which grew 3% last year.

A team of Swiss scientists has sounded the alarm about the dangers of consuming too many trans fats, the solid fats found in some processed foods

United Nations war crimes prosecutor Carla Del Ponte of Switzerland has confirmed that she will step down from her post in the Hague in September

A quote for today by Joseph. P. Martino an internationally noted poet and author

Men with sight see things as they are
Men with insight see things as they could be

Some thought for the last day of January
Life's short. If you don't look around once in a while you might miss it.

A touch of humour to round off today

A celebrity is someone who works hard all his life to become known and then wears dark glasses to avoid being recognized.

I'm in shape. Round is the shape.

Tuesday, 30th of January 2007

Some news on  - www.swissinfo.org
Federal accounts show healthy surplus
Corti blames bank for strangling `Swiss Air´

As posted by Ellen Wallace for www.genevalunch.com
Swiss double-talk on Guantanamo angers parliament members

The unique prophet of non-violence, Mahatma Gandhi, is assassinated on this day in 1948

Monday, 29th of January 2007

For the espionage thrill seekers.

Today in 1946 the CIA was established…www.rotten.co/today

For some Swiss news on   www.swissinfo.org
Nations join forces to counterfeit boom.

Sunday, 28th of January 2007

A walk by the Lake of Zürich to visit and feed our webbed-feet friends and then it's back to base for a siesta. Thomas L. pops in this evening for a brief visit

Some Swiss wins in sport - www.swissinfo.org - Swiss brings home winter sport medals
Federer was Australian open aplomb

Saturday, 27th of January 2007

Just awesome Trip to Zermatt and up the mountain to view the famous Matterhorn.

A day trip worth remembering. The highlight of the trip was when yours truly rubs lip balm on his face thinking it was face cream. IT didn't register till a few minutes after application. The best part is when the applicant realizes it first. Had some good laughs about it.

Friday, 26th of January 2007

Been having intermittent very light snow here in Zürich.

To all my family, friends and all Aussies. Down-Under and around the world….A Very HAPPY AUSTRALIA DAY. And merry waltzing with Matilda…CHEERS MITE!!!

Yesterday's blog featured the cave resort of Sawa-i-lau in the beautiful Yasawa Islands of Fiji-

The legend surrounding this cave-resort has been kindly given to us by Matt (son of Sam Vunivalu, one of the co-owners of this heavenly resort) Matt had submitted this in as his English project for his form 7 exams back in Fiji. I have been there once back in the 70´s and it´s a must-see resort should you be planning to go to Fiji. The Yasawa group of islands lies on the west coast of Viti Levu (main-land of Fiji). From my personal experience, this cave-resort is just so unique and to actually swim there is so refreshing and just 'wows' the body. You have to be there to know what I'm raving on about.

This is Matt´s submission and picture of this breath-taking resort.

Enjoy the ride!


Sawa i lau island is located in the Northern tip of the Yasawas. This island is made of ancient limestone cave system. It is believed that Sawa I lau island is shrouded in mystery since people have been fascinated about the things that happen inside the caves. Thus there are no scientific reasons behind this mysteries and this could be considered as one of the historic places in the Yasawa Groups.

Mysterious inscription of unknown origin mark of the cave’s entrance. On the top right hand corner of the island is a large patch of guano or birds droppings. Local legend has it that on this spot lived a giant eagle that survived by eating virgins. Sawa I lau island became famous when the movie ‘The Blue Lagoon’ was shot in the island in the late 1980’s featuring Brook Shield.

Sawa I lau island is owed by the mataqali Koro from the village of Nabukeru. This island is also home to those who died in the measles epidemic in 1985 killing one quarter of the Fiji’s population. The cave is home of two fish – Damu leka and Damu Balavu as well as a Dono that have lived there forever without ever breeding, changing, growing or dying.

This project will basically discuss as to why the cave is special, the significance of each chambers and the contribution this cave have given towards the locality and the economy at large.

Plate I above shows the island of Sawa I lau located in the Yasawa Groups


Legend has it that once in the early years, there was a luveni turaga named Adi. She was a beautiful young woman and her father was a chief of a mighty clan in Vanua Levu. One day as she was fishing in the lagoon by herself, an enormous eagle flew in speed down to her position, clung her by its claws and took her away to the island of Sawa i lau.

After a long time, her father started looking for her and suspected that she was not any where near their clan. He became worried and sent for two powerful God warriors to go and search for his daughter. The two warriors started their journey around Viti Levu, Vanua Levu and the nearby seas but could not find her. They had felt very weary so they decided to rest in Sawa i lau island. On their resting place, they found some ura buta nearby. They got hold of some and started frying them by using their special power of heat. While they were having their lunch, they heard an enormous snore inside a cave near them but they just ignored the sound. Moments later they heard the snoring growing louder and louder. So they got up and threw the sui ni ura into a small pond and started to draw near the enormous snore. They soon realized that the snoring was leading them into the dead body of the young girl, Adi. They got hold of their moto and speared it right into the eagle’s body. The eagle woke up and grasped for air, flapping its wing in order to escape the warrior’s presence. It flew out of the cave and landed right in the middle of the sea making the island of Sawa I lau separate with huge shaking.

Till today, red prawns can be seen swimming in the pond where the two warriors threw the bones after eating it. Also Sawa I lau island is separated into two from the result of the eagle’s shaking.


One of the chambers inside this cave is known as the pregnancy test cave. This cave can be entered by anyone of any shape and size except a woman who is pregnant and is concealing this from everyone. Even the slimmest pregnant women will get stuck either at the mouth of this cave or the tunnel entrance.


One of the chambers inside this cave is known as the spitting cave. The inner cave was completely dark and we entered it by swimming. One person at a time through a tight crack in the sandstone, immersed beneath the water in total darkness except for the guide’s small underwater flashlight ahead of us. It was quite a scary, confining experience, stretching my faith and claustrophobia tendencies a bit of having to swim through tiny, dark crevasses and protect my body parts, all the while holding my breath and not knowing for how much longer or when I do really be in the spit cave.

While in the spit cave, the water level was approximately three to four metres depending on the tide. As we entered this cave, we made a lot of noise in order to obtain adequate light. After accomplishing this, we spat on the water surface. When our saliva hit the water surface, it made a loud explosion making people look more surprised.


This cave is special because it is the resting grounds of the great ten- headed god, Uluitini. Each chambers of the cave represents each of the God’s nine snake heads and one human- like head. It is said that the God’s central human face possess an angelic beauty that is almost too much for any mortal’s gaze to behold and embedded in the God’s forehead is shimmering diamond like stone, which is the source of great magic.

One can just make out the silhouette of the ten heads which in the caves but rest assured the ever- hospitable God has already vacated the premises for the comfort of his mortal guests.


For some medical break-through news here in Switzerland

Scientists in Geneva report that they have found a way of killing brain tumour cells that eventually be applied to other types of incurable cancer. For more on this and related stories - www.swissinfo.org

On this day in 1962 according to www.rotten.com/today
Mafia boss Lucky Luciano (real name Salvatore Lucania) died of natural causes at Naples Airport (Italy) where he was to meet a film producer to discuss his life-story. Luciano dropped dead as he was about to shake hands.
Also today in 1984: Michal Jackson's hair is ignited by a magnesium flash bomb at Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles during the filming of a Pepsi Television commercial. He had 3rd degree scalp burns

Thursday, 25th of January 2007

There is still snow around the house. Maybe 10cm. Rather hard, since the thermometer was falling to -3°.

Got some nice e-mail from an old childhood friend (actually a neighbour) who run a resort in the - just beautiful - Yasawa Islands.

Check it out for yourself!


Wednesday, 24th of January 2007

Bubbly Margrit turns 75 today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Got together for a pre-birthday dinner last night in a local restaurant. Nothing lavish, just simple.

Guess what? It' snowing now and has been since last night. It's post –Xmas snow here in Zürich. Better late then never. It's time to get out the "schlitten" again. Great!!!

Those animals that were forced to come out, we'll probably have to pop back into their bunkers The weather pattern change will affect their life cycle, no doubt

For more on this visit - www.news.independent.uk/europe/

Hitler tried to cover up a family history of in-breeding and lunacy.
A new book reveals his twisted upbringing as he ranted about creating a master race. Today's www.mirror.co.uk carries the full story.

On this day in 1908 Englishma Lord Baden Powell founder of the Boy Scout Movement organized the 1st troop.

Sir Winston Churchill,former British PM died today in 1965

Founder of the Scientology Movement, L.Ron Hubbard also died on this day in 1986.

Singer Neil Diamond was born today in 1941

Tuesday, 23rd of January 2007

Still, another drab day. Fingers crossed, for a bit of snow. Spring false alarm has got the hibernating animals popping out their burrows prematurely for food and other things and not to mention the flowers already on the green turf.

For some royal birthday

Princess Caroline of Monaco reaches half a century today.

In the mid-16th century on this day in 1571 - Royal Exchange opens in London.

Our immediate neighbour to the east, The Principality of Liechtenstein was founded today in 1719.

A renowned Russian dancer of the early 20th century called Anna Pavlova died today in 1931 at the age of 50.

Please note that a young Russian gymnast also by the same name (Anna Pavlova) is currently making her name in gymnastics. She shall be turning 20 this year on September 6th

As Posted today at 11.34am(fiji time) in: www.fijidailypost.com
The UN definitely has a lot of faith in the Fiji military personnel despite the recent military take-over. All-in all they have proved to be excellent soldiers and are held in high esteem for their work in war-torn countries. Keep up the good work

Monday, 22nd of January 2007

I've got the Monday Morning Blues. Usually, the first one to cast aside the` 'duvet' in the mornings. But not today. Maybe the swing machine will get me into full throttle. Yet, another dismal and overcast day.


A few of my poems

It comes with a stomp,
Recognise it...do you?
It creeps in ……..slowly
I'm here listening
It's nothing…..just the whiff of breeze

What a picture it gives
As it falls from the sky
Like a small burst of cotton-wool
It lands to form a white pool.

As the sky opens up
Bullets of water rush down
To be collected and reserved
For living things to be preserved


Linda Blair American Actress of the movie (Exorcist) was born today in 1959
The poet George Bryon was born this day in 1788.
Today in 1972 musician David Bowie announces he is gay. Actually he is bi-sexual and was caught by his first wife in bed with Mick Jagger. Bowie's first wife was Angela

7 Defendants accused of supporting terrorist activities associated with al-Qaeda are to appear in court in Lugano today. For details check out www.swissinfo.org


Sunday, 21st of January 2007

Another quiet  day with a lot of feasting for the eyes via TV. And cookie munching.

American actress Geena Davies was born today in 1957

Famous  golfer Jack Nicklaus was born this day in 1940

Two death anniversaries

On this day in 1793: King Louis xvi of France guillotined at the age of 39

Also today in 1924: Lenin of Russia died of a stroke

Saturday, 20th of January 2007

Pretty tired at this end. Had been by the lake this afternoon for some fresh air and to feed and chatter to the ducks and swans. Also bumped into Margrit and Edgar for the second time and almost exactly at the same spot. Some strange coincidences. In any case we all live in the same area, so not surprising, I suppose. Went for our work-out at Abart tonight and strolled home after that. Good old sounds of the 60s was the order of the night.

Remember American astronaut, Edwin Aldrin (a.k.a Buzz). Well he was born today in 1930. He was also one of the first two to step on the moon in 1969.The other astronaut was Neil Armstrong

This day in 1969….Richard Nixon inaugurated as 35th president

Friday, 19th of January 2007

We are still in the throes of more rain and rare wind-speed today. Britain and Germany were the hardest hit but here in Switzerland we still have to be on the alert.

Swiss Aids Expert Is 'European Of The Year'
The Reader's Digest magazine has voted Ruedi Luthy, a Swiss doctor, '2007 European Of The Year'. The 65yr old Zürich professor cares for HIV/AIDS patients in Zimbabwe, Africa.

British singer James Blunt plans to re-locate to an exclusive Swiss ski-resort. Is it for much lower tax payments or for the fast dwindling snow in this resort?

For the latter: how about Gulmarg in north Kashmir India? At the moment this mountain slopes boasts 4-5ft thick snow and at an altitude of 2,653ft. Ski lovers from Europe and Canada.are traveling there in numbers for some skiing on natural snow.

As for artificial snow - not sustainable. The snow slopes here in the Alps will soon turn into golf greens. Only in Dubai for fake snow - well, they can afford to.

Today in 1809 was the birthday of Edgar Allen Poe. A great poet and author. The busty (silicone implanted) Dolly Parton actress and country singer born today in 1946.

Thursday, 18th of January 2007

We here in Switzerland are bracing for a rare hurricane (named "Kyrill") which could be sweeping through via UK and Germany. Hope it goes pass with no casualties. Let's be ready and let nature take it's course.

Hurricane Causes Major Disruptions In Germany

Germans were told to stay indoors and many schools across the country closed early on Thursday as a rare hurricane bore down on them, seriously disrupting air and travel and causing at least one death on roads - www.swissinfo.org 

Today in history…1945….The Auschwitz Death March begins.

I'll just swing to Fiji (=home) and the South Pacific

International con-man Peter Foster in Vanuatu? How the heck that happened? This elusive Australian under so called lock-and-key in Fiji and now in Vanuatu and asking to be deported to Australia. Is he been enveloped by some invisible shroud that gives him `the rabbit-out-of-the-hat-magic. I would love to know the prompts and those in the wings to this show. But then again, we'll probably never know. It' s a well-orchestrated game, no doubt.

Wednesday, 17th of January 2007

Weather forecasters have predicted some snow here in Zürich, maybe next week or the week after. That would be a welcome change rather then having rain. Yet, to be seen though.

Roger Federer continued his serene progress at the Australian Open with a thumping win over Swedish veteran Jona Bjorkman in round two on Wednesday.

As winter snow becomes less reliable, ecologists say high-altitude ski slopes will threaten fragile habitat. Check out www.bbc.co.uk/europe 

This Day In History
1377….The Papacy returns to Rome from Avignon (France)

For some celebrity birthdays on this day

1504…Pope Pius V…Died in 1572
1560…Swiss botanist Gaspard Bauhin..Died in 1642
1706…Benjamin Franklin ..presenter, writer, scientist, statesman, Died in 1790
1899…Infamous Italian-American gangster, A `Scarface´Capone…Died in 1947
1928…Entertainer and singer, Eartha Kitt.
1931…American actor James Earl Jones
1942…World heavy-weight boxer Muhammed Ali (a.k.a Cassius Clay)
1962…Actor-comedian Jim Carey

Tuesday, 16th of January 2007

Former directors of Swissair, which collapsed in 2001, are on trial in Zürich accused of false accounting. This is definitely a hard slap and embarrassment to the reputation of Swiss efficiency and transparency. It just shows this can happen anywhere and of course we are talking human beings here vulnerable to all sorts of short-comings and weaknesses.

But be rest assured those who are accused will be brought to justice sooner rather then later.

Monday, 15th of January 2007

Fog shrouds our area and the most part of our suburb.

This day in history for some celebrity birthdays

1929…..Martin Luther King(Jnr),American Civil Rights Activist was born.
1906….Greek millionaire shipping tycoon, Aristotle Onassis was born.

Today is also the day of the Golden Globe Awards in Hollywood where all the celebrities and showbiz folks come out in full force to witness the award presentations and of course to party and chill-out. The ladies also get to show-case their dresses, tresses and their fixed assets with a lot of glamour and shine. Waving, smiling and posing on the red-carpet is where it all happens today

This week's "Spiegel International" carries a wide range of stories from the Middle East and in Europe. Check out: www.spiegel.de/internationall

Sunday, 14th of January 2007

Was cooped up all day in the house I had to give lee-way to the anatomy after a one-to-many self-poisoning dosages the previous day. Anyway, the weather today, rain and more rain. Just the best time to stay at home and get glued to the movie screen.

On this day in 1990…Debut of THE SIMPSONS ON Fox
American actress,Faye Dunaway turns 66 today

Saturday, 13th of January 2007

How a few hours of weak sunshine can be so deceiving. Thought of going to Einsiedeln and maybe catch up on more sunlight but no. This bloody solar being is ever so erratic right now you wouldn't know whether it's going to glare or go into sudden hibernation. Anyway, got to feel some sunshine just by the lake (of Zürich) i.e. It's just a stone's throw-away from our humble abode. Edgar and Margrit came our way today by the lake. It was bonding for some time and then they were off on their merry way back home for some hot coffee which we couldn't provide right there and then. Hey! we only had cold stuff. Not our fault!

For some historical events on this day.
1559…Queen Elizabeth 1st crowned Queen of England in Westminister Abbey.
1807…Napoleon Bonaparte dies.
1930…Mickey Mouse comic strip first appears.
1943…Hitler declares 'Total War'.
1969….Beatles release 'Yellow Submarine' album
1979…YMCA files libel suit against Village People for the song YMCA.

Friday, 12th of January 2007

Bleak, rainy and cold is your main course for today's weather dish and has been so for quite some time now. It's getting agonizingly monotonous and we'll just have to bear with nature. Of course, there are a million and one things you can do to bring sparkle to life. Life goes on irrespective of what.

Yeah for the not yet deceased. and for those contemplating taking the "do-it-yourself" trip to the next world…Still, thank God, it's Friday.

Today is the birthday of American actress Kirstie Alley She turns 56.

Canadian-born American actress Yvonne De Carlo died on Monday the 8th of January 2007 from natural causes. She played Lily in the horror-spoof THE MUNSTERS which ran from 1964-1966.

An obituary note on this date in history
1976….The 'Queen Of Crime' Dame Agatha Christie, famous English crime novelist, dies

A posthumous birthday: Herman Goering was born on this day in 1893. Was second in command to the 3rd Reich, 1st was Hitler, of course. Goering was a politician and a military leader. Tried for war crimes and crimes against humanity at the Nuremberg Trials. Sentenced to death in 1946, by hanging. But he got to the 'do-it-yourself' mode by taking the lethal potassium cyanide 2hrs before the scheduled execution.

Charles Perrault, a French author was also born on this day in 1628. He was the original author of the fairy tale books SLEEPING BEAUTY, LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD and others. The Grimm Brothers of Germany wrote their own versions of some of Perrault's stories

Some events that took place this day in history

1736…the rank 'Field Marshal' is first used by the British Army. The infamous Idi Amin of Uganda in Africa also once held this rank. Whether he earned the rank justly or dictatorially slapped it on himself is best known to the Ugandans during his rule.

1881…1st public power-station in the world opens in London and supplies light for 30 homes.

Another cancellation in winter-sports in Wengen, near Bern.
According to today's swissinfo: rain and warm temperatures have forced organizers to scrap a men's World Cup Super Combination ski race in Wengen.

Again, it is all due to the changing weather pattern. Some serious think-tanks have to soon come up with alternative sports for this time of year the supposedly winter time is more like the spring season now.

Thursday, 11th of January 2007

This day in history

  • For the gambling dare-devils…1564..1st recorded lottery in England.
  • For my diabetic fellow-beings…1922..1st use of insulin to treat diabetes in a human patient.
  • For the die-hard smokers and the passive ones as well…1964..the US Surgeon General warns against smoking for the first time…Some warnings just don't seem to work.


Minister's plan to grant longer paternity leave stopped - www.swissinfo.org


Swiss foreign trade will continue to focus on the W.T.O - www.swissinfo.org


It has been 5yrs since the 1st terror suspects arrived at the United States' controversial detention centre in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba - www.swissinfo.org


Molecular biologist Michael Hengartner has received the prestigious Latsis Prize for young researchers for his work on cell death. Hengartner, a Swiss who grew up in Canada and began his research career in the US. Told swissinfo that if he has enjoyed some success so far, it was because others were prepared to give a chance….For more - www.swissinfo.com


Credit Card companies could be obliged to cooperate with the Swiss authorites in the fight against on-line child pornography, according to data protection experts - for more www.swissinfo.org 

Wednesday the 10th of January 2007

We kick-start with some historical events of the past which happened today

49BC Julius Caesar crosses the Rubicon (a river) beginning the Roman Civil War.

1810 Marriage of French Emperor Napoleon and Josephine annulled.

1863 London's first underground railway opens.

1923 US troops completed a withdrawal from Germany, where they had been stationed in the aftermath of the First World War.


Today is also the birthday of one of my favourite singers - the gravelly voiced Scotsman. None other then ROD STEWART HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! He turns 62

A post-humous birthday. Know of Linda Lovelace? Well, she would have turned 58 today. She was a former star of the X-rated widely-known movie DEEP THROAT.She died in 2002 from post-car accident complications…..Bless her soul!!!



Italian film producer, Carlo Ponti, the husband of actress Sophia Loren, has died today in Geneva at the age of 94….Rest in Peace



Two months after a peace accord was signed in Nepal, a 25-member Nepalese delegation has visited Switzerland to get a some constitutional tips.

We want to build a Swiss Asia, announced Prakash Man Singh, Deputy Secretary General of the Congress, in Bern on Tuesday. For more - www.swissinfo.org



Economics Minister Doris Leuthard has set out her stall for 2007, which includes plans on how to best balance work and family commitments.



A major shortage of skilled workers in Switzerland is frustrating many businesses as they look to cash in on the expanding global economy.

Employment specialists Manpower Switzerland say more than half of Swiss companies are struggling to recruit suitable staff to fill vacancies.



Luxembourg has defended Switzerland's position in the on-going dispute between Bern and EU over tax privileges….For more - www.swissinfo.org



Switzerland has signed a cross-border security agreement with Germany to prevent possible September 11th-style attacks by terrorists using civilian aircrafts….Details of this story and related topics on www.swissinfo.org


But the real treat was yesterday, when the famous "Heute" came out with Fiji on the front page, under the section "good news".

Tuesday the 9th of January 2007.


Airport Flight restrictions would cost billions.

Slashing flights at Zürich airport to reduce noise pollution would seriously dent the economy, cost thousands of jobs and 'ruin' tourism according to a report. For more on this and related stories and links www.swissinfo.org 



The main political parties are gearing up for October's nationwide parliamentary elections, with the right and centre-left for an intense battle for votes.

The centre-left Social Democrats and the right-wing Swiss People's Party are vying to emerge as the largest of the four main parties in parliament.

Visit www.swissinfo.org  for a detailed report



Georges de Mestral, a Swiss engineer born 100 years ago, might not be a name around your house but it's highly likely that one of his inventions are

The hook-and-loop fastener, better known under the trademark VELCRO, was the result of an alpine walk-a-dog some burdock and a piece of Swiss genius. For more on this and related stories www.swissinfo.org/eng/feature/detail 


This is music to my ears. Being a non-smoker this is definitely good news for me and like-minded people Hopefully it gets through


A broad coalition which includes 3 of the 4 parties represented in the government, has come out in favour of a sweeping ban on smoking.

The proposed amendment to Switzerland's Employment Act would ban smoking in the work-place, including restaurants and bars, to protect employees from second-hand smoke. For more www.swissinfo.org  


Dutch co-operative bank Rabobank has announced an increase in it's stake in Swiss private Sarasin to 46%, giving it full control of the Basel-based firm.

For it's part, Sarasin,which along with other mid-sized wealth managers has faced stiff competition from banking giants such as UBS, has invested ambitious growth goals. For more and related stories - www.swissinfo.org 


Campaigners calling for a single state-run health scheme want to end what they say is the 'pseudo competition' of Switzerland's compulsory health insurance scheme.

Two months ahead of a nation-wide ballot on the issue a committee repeated it's call for a "yes" vote, arguing their solution to rising costs would be leaner, cheaper and more transparent. For more on this subject and related topics - www.swissinfo.org   


On a bizarre tail-end note in the mid 14th century

All the Jews of Basel, Switzerland are rounded up and incinerated, because they caused the bubonic plague - www.rotten.com/today  

So the Jews caused it and the rats spread it. Were the Jews to be blamed for this disease or our rodent friends?….I leave it to you

Monday the 8th of January, 2007

Another sports victory for Switzerland here in Adelboden.


Marc Berthod has pulled off a short slalom victory for Switzerland in Adelboden to become the first Swiss man to win the discipline in the World Cup since 1999.

Berthod beat giant slalom winner, Austrian Benjamin Raich, by a mere 0.26 of a second to claim a sensation win on Sunday Swiss team-mate Daniel Albrecht finished in a credible 10th.place. For more details - www.swissinfo.org 


Claude Nicollier

The Swiss astronaut on life, the universe and everything. For more on Claude Nicollier and related stories - www.swissinfo.org/eng/science_technology  



The Swiss Arts Council, Pro Helvetia, hopes to foster a strong cultural exchange with India with the opening of a liaison office in New Delhi on Monday.  The venture in the Indian capital will be the 4th such Arts Council enterprise following the establishment of similar offices in Cape Town, Warsaw and Cairo - for more details www.swissinfo.org 


From the controversies surrounding the Saddam Hussein execution to the former SS Guard to be deported from US to Germany and many more interesting and hot stories please check out this week´s SPIEGEL SPECIAL On-line www.spiegel.de/international  



Switzerland maintains low jobless rate.

The annual unemployment rate has fallen for the second straight year in Switzerland. The jobless rate rose slightly at the end of the year after spending 6 months at 3.1%,but was due to seasonal factors according to experts. For more on this and related stories: www.swissinfo.org  



The common grayling, a fish that is no longer as plentiful in Swiss rivers as it name would suggest, has been named animal of the year…for 2007.

Pro Natura, the country's leading conservation agency, which accorded the fish the honour, warned that it faced an uncertain future owing to loss of habitat. For more and other related stories visit: www.swissinfo.org 

Sunday the 7th of January 2007

Yet,another rainy, overcast day.

Man-made tremor shakes in the Canton of Basel, here in Switzerland.

Geothermal project shakes Basel again .Basel has been rocked by another earth tremor, this time measuring 3.1 on the Richter scale, that centered on the site of a planned geothermal power plant. For this story and more www.swissinfo.org  

Non-EU nations eye trade pact with India.

Swiss chocolates, Norwegian salmon, Icelandic cod-liver oil and many more such exotic items may soon become part of your daily shopping. Switzerland, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein - which are not part of the EU…….For more on this check out www.switzerlandenergy.com  

An Austrian Olympic champ has won the World Cup Great Slalom in Adelboden, here on Swiss turf or should I say snow. Adelboden is a winter sport site here in the Canton of Bern. Read more on www.swissdaily.com  

Saturday 6th of January 2007

Seems more like spring weather then winter. Birds that had migrated to the warmer countries for winter a going to make an early return or maybe they're already here. Whether through ignorance or because we just don't want to do anything about it. We, the human race are, all in one way or another attributing to this global warming crisis.

Friday 5th of January, 2007

End of the first week of the year and `knock-knock - it's´s the week-end again. Now that it's really snowing in the Alps. Maybe it's the appropriate time for a weekend of some winter sports


Heavy snow is now falling across the Alps giving a much needed boost to the winter tourism industry. All the resorts are getting the benefit with snow falling down to 800 metres(2,600ft). Read more on - www.swissdaily.com

Kraft Foods to move European Headquarters to Switzerland.

Four out of 10 conscripts unfit for duty.

The number of recruits dropping out of military service looks set to top 40% for the second year in succession, according to the Swiss defense ministry. Read more of this and other stories www.swiss.info.org  

I bow out today with this old Chinese proverb

To know the road ahead ,ask those coming back.

Thursday the 4th of January

Yeah. right now snow in the Alps….here in Zürich, nothng. Our schlitter boards are collecting dust…..Jah, jah….seems like we have to ascend to get-some action

Wednesday the 3rd of January 2007

Already the third day of the new year and the wheel of living has started revolving.. Whether it be slow or fast each will turn according to their own unique pace.

Better late then never here in Switzerland. Yes, of course, I'm talking about the snow in the Alps

For some news on same sex unions. This is in the Italian-speaking part of Switzerland.


The first same-sex partnership was registered on Tuesday at a register office in Ticino after the entry into force of the new federal partnership act.

As of January 1st, gay and lesbian couples are able to have their civil union officially recognized thanks to a new federal law passed in 2005….For more on this and related stories, go to www.swissinfo.org 

Snow-time….Alpine skiers finally get snow

Skiers heading for the Alps have breathed a sigh of relief after the arrival of long-awaited snow. Resorts have seen one of the warmest and driest starts to the winter on record. For some audio and video news check out www.bbcnews.com.

Tuesday the 2nd of January 2007

And yet another cold, rainy day here in Zürich.

Here in the Canton of Zürich we celebrat a pubic holiday today. Another 24hrs to detox the system after all the Xmas and Sylvester party poisons the body was subjected to. For those going back to tomorrow to work, that is.

One of my favourite web-sites which in my opinion is full of good tips, hints and exudes positiveness - www.drbenkim.com 

I leave you today with this thought by John Wooden, a great American basketball coach.

“Don´t measure yourself by what you have accomplished, but by what you should have accomplished with your ability."

It's a rainy day, gloomy and cold on 1st of January 2007. As for my resolutions for this year, many and varied. Just have to try and make sure that things go according to plan.

Mutiny is threatened in Swiss Guard.

Swiss Miss finally meets her love match

For these stories and more Go to www.swissdaily.com 

Swiss business riding crest of a wave - www.swissinfo.org


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