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Bulaman Blog - Februar 2007

25. February 2007 19:15

Zum ersten Mal - zumindest als ich es zurückverfolgen kann - seit der NLTB IT-"Skandal" an die Oberfläche gespült wurde, sprach heute Ballu Khan von PacificConnex in einem Artikel der "Fiji Times". Hier der volle Text:

Wealth divide will fuel coups, Khan says

Local businessman and business strategist Ballu Khan says until measures are identified to better understand and bridge the wealth divide between indigenous Fijians and their more successful Fiji-Indian counterparts, the coup culture will continue.

The ousted Soqosoqo Duavata ni Lewenivanua party, he said, came close to achieving this but failed to specify the enablers they would use and what the expected end result was to be.

He said political and economic instability would be rife unless Fijian leaders recognised and addressed the underlying problem.

"Any leader worth their salt and doesn't understand this will contribute to the existing 65 per cent of the population being the poorest. You need a sufficient number of the middle class to run the economic engine of this country," Mr Khan said.

Pacific Connex specialists in Information Technology attempted to tap into the mobile phone market in an effort to contribute to indigenous Fijian investments, he said.

"We were trying to create an overnight asset worth $3million for the Native Land Trust Board and Vanua Development Corporation as a means to bridge the wealth divide between the majority of indigenous Fijians and their successful counterparts of other races. We felt that was one step in the right direction but the disappointment for me is that Fijian leaders fail to recognise this," Mr Khan said.

"We've been fighting two years to get our license. Just before the elections we got approval of the license which is half way now and something we will fight to retain. We are not going to sit back and have the Government take back rights we already have. We spent millions in last two years to get to where we were. A change in Government doesn't mean we give away our constitutional right. "Just because something is difficult doesn't mean we give up.

"I'm not one to live off other people's pockets or use people to do things. That's one thing the military clean up campaign has never proven ever in the face of allegations of corruption."

He said indigenous Fijians should, by now, own assets worth around $3trillion.

"The Fijian people can control their own destiny. They can run all their schools. Each province can have its own doctors and nurses, schools and private hospitals. The only thing lacking is the political drive and vision to make hard decisions. There's nothing racist about this. I'm talking reality," Mr Khan said.

He said there had to be one Fijian leader who could stand up and military leader Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama was in a unique position to arrest the problem.

"But we're not certain where he's at with his policies regarding the indigenous people. Restructure of NLTB and the increase landowners rentals are just a small part of it. What's lacking is the political will."

Reacting to criticism against his company Pacific Connex's involvement in an IT project at the Native Land Trust Board, Mr Khan said whoever was behind moves to destroy the Vanua Development Corporation and PCX would have a lot to answer to, because of the involvement of indigenous Fijians in the business.

He defended the tender process at NLTB, adding that what NLTB practiced had a world class bidding process.

"We knew none of the tenders complied with the specifications.

Nowadays, you don't want a custom-built software because you don't want to inherit the technical hub run by some large organisation where you have no control over the path of development of the piece of software. Once you write it and unless you have the technical skills to upgrade it, it's a costly exercise. You inherit a lot of risks. So the way we proposed it we take the software of the shelf, we configure it for NLTB purposes. That was the thrust of it. A lot of agendas were at play to discredit PCX and me personally.

"We've embedded the Vola ni Kawa Bula structure into the system at NLTB from the yasana to the tokatoka. The system does it automatically. You have different lease distribution formulas. It's not homogeneous.

He said claims the IT system failed from time to time was a matter he did not understand as the system had been running for the past two years.

"It does its own maintenance with errors every now and then," Mr Khan said.


Wie Herr Khan von einem "world class bidding process" sprechen kann, ist mir schleierhaft.

So habe ich denn rasch einen Leserbrief an die Tageszeitungen in Fidschi geschrieben:

Good that someone is now doing the IT review at NLTB. A pity, though, that no official tender was sought. One may ask why only chartered accountants were invited. Are there no unbiased IT consultants or other qualified professionals in Fiji who could do an IT review/audit for a fraction of the cost?

One of the questions the reviewers should now be asking: Why were the unused SAP licenses paid by the ministry of finance end of 1999 not transferred to NLTB for free or a small nominal fee? The government has paid at least F$4m for the SAP R/3 software. And until now it has never been used.

As for Mr. Ballu Khan telling (in yesterday’s “Fiji Times”) that the NLTB has a ‘world class bidding process’, please allow me to laugh.

The advertisement of 20 January 2004 by NLTB only sought ‘expression of interest for its IT roadmap’. 14 entities have shown interest and submitted their company profile. Remember: closing date for submission was two days after the ad first appeared.

NLTB’s Mua wrote a few days latter to ‘unsuccessful’ bidders: “After evaluating your company profile the Board regrets to advise that your submission did not meet the specified requirements.”

What ‘specific requirements’? All these 14 bidding companies probably only wanted to know – NLTB’s IT roadmap or any specifications. Because the only condition in the ad was to submit a company profile. Nothing more.

If there weren’t any specifications mentioned in the EOI ad, how can Mr. Khan now say: "We knew none of the tenders complied with the specifications.”

As Shakespeare would say: something is rotten in the state of … (make up your own words).

24. Februar 2007, 15:30

Weil draussen ziemliches Regenwetter herrscht, habe ich noch Zeit, einen am 16.3.2004 in den fidschianischen Tageszeitungen veröffentlichten Leserbrief abzudrucken. Schon damals war mir ganze IT-Deal PacificConnex suspekt.

After several articles and even a NLTB press release on the subject, I would like to put my two cents in.

On 20 January 2004, an advertisement appeared in the local dailies. In it, the NLTB sought expression of interest for its IT Roadmap.

14 individuals or companies have shown expression of interest. As a matter of fact there was only one condition in the ad: to submit a company profile. I know that at least some of the unsuccessful ones received a few days later the following text in an e-mail from Mr. Mua:

After evaluating your company profile the Board regrets to advise that your submission did not meet the specified requirements.

May I ask where in NLTB’s advertisement was anything mentioned about “specific requirements”? What exactly did NLTB expect companies to offer in their “submissions” when closing date was two days after the ad had been placed? All companies expressing their interest probably wanted to know NLTB’s exact specifications or at least been given the IT roadmap.

It is understandable that three companies out of those 4 which were given the specifications are Fijian-owned companies. This is probably in line with Government’s blueprint. It would be interesting to know how many of the three local companies have SAP experience.

It is incorrect when NLTB states “PacificConnex has the sole rights for the use of the SAP system in Fiji.” There is no such thing as SAP exclusivity to country markets. If PacificConnex in its maximum 6 weeks of operation – has anyone found that company using a Google search? – has already gained SAP Channel Partner status, then I say good luck to them.

While SAP is indeed the Rolls-Royce of accounting software, it must be noted that since 1998 the Government of Fiji has unsuccessfully tried to implement the older R/3 version. There is persistent rumour that the SAP R/3 project may be scrapped altogether and a new, cheaper and less complex software might be evaluated (or is now PacificConnex already in the pipeline for a SAP contract for the Ministry of Finance?)

Giving the fact that the government has paid millions of dollars for software licenses to SAP, why could NLTB not acquire a subset of these licenses? If not, why pay annually the hefty sum F$1.3M for twelve years, if a SAP SME solution for 20-users has a starting price of F$300,000 (status end-2002, price includes software licenses and 1 server hardware)?

The only real spin-off in this IT roadmap saga is that NLTB will have controlling shares in its own IT company. This is an excellent strategic decision and should be applauded.

It remains to be seen how many local SAP specialists – to be trained in the next few years – will stay in Fiji. I have been reliably informed that way back in mid-2002, the annual salary of IT staff in Europe with two years experience in SAP FI and HR module is between F$128,000 – F$165,000.

No, Mr. Bakani, there is no politisation “by some people with a particular agenda”. I say if NLTB has been spending the horrendous IT budget of F$1.178M annually, then you guys – and ultimately the landowners – may have been taken for a ride, a ride lasting 29 years.

And at least two guys got a free ride to Tacoma!

24. Februar 2007, 10:00

Also ist wieder mal eine internationale Revisionsgesellschaft mit dem Audit des IT-Systems vom National Land Trust Board (NLTB) beauftragt worden.

Der Interimsminister für fidschianische Angelegenheiten, Ratu Epeli Ganilau, hat gesagt, dass verschiedene Buchhaltungsfirmen eingeladen wurden, Offerten für die Revision von NLTB abzugeben. Hingegen hätten nur zwei ihr Interesse bekundet.

Schade ist es wirklich, dass kein öffentliches Ausschreiben erfolgt ist. Denn einige meiner Freunde und ich selbst hätten gerne - und zu einem sicheren tieferen Preis - geholfen, bei einem solchen Audit tätig zu sein.

Bereits anfangs 2000 hatten wir einen kleinere Audit des Gesundheitsminsteriums durchgeführt und starke "Anomalien" festgestellt, was sogenannte "Y2K"-Upgrades gekostet haben.

Zudem waren wir noch bevor PacificConnex als der alleinige Wiederverkäufer für SAP-Software in Fidschi benannt wurde, mit SAP in direktem E-mail Kontakt. Wir wussten deshalb bereits damals die SAP-Preise.

Aber es ist nach wie vor das Gleiche: immer gewinnen die grossen Revisionsgesellschaften wie PWC, Ernst & Young oder KPMG die Audit-Kontrakte.

PWC hatte ja Mitte 2001 eine Ausschreibung gewonnen, beim Finanzministerium die SAP-Einführung zu projektieren.

Wir haben im November 2001 eine Offerte in Zusammenarbeit mit zwei Schweizerfirmen und einer deuschen Firma für SAP-Consultants eingereicht, wurden aber nicht berücksichtigt.

Mindestens F$ 4 Millionen wurden vorgängig vom Finanzministerium für die Beschaffung von SAP R/3 bereits ausgegeben. Bis heute wurde die Software NIE eingesetzt. Hätte man diese ungenutzten Softwarelizenzen 2004 nicht dem NLTB fast gratis überlassen können?

Haben wir "sour grapes"? Nur ein bisschen. Vielleicht habe ich selbst mal noch Zeit, die ganze Zeitlinie des SAP-Projekts bei NLTB zu dokumentieren. An Hintergrundmaterial fehlt es mir wahrlich nicht.

Viel wichtiger erscheint uns, dass eine Organisation wie NLTB, welche immerhin über 90% der Landreserven von Fidschi im Interesse der fidschianischen Landbesitzer redlich verwalten sollte, dazu kommt, eine solch überrissene Summe für ihr neues IT-System auszugeben.

Man bedenke: 2004 waren dort weniger als 200 Leute beschäftigt. Also maximal Softwarelizenzen.

So sehe ich mit Spannung dem Auditbericht von KPMG entgegen.

Untenstehend zur Archivierung noch ein paar Artikel betreffend NLTB-Audit.


Hier die Meldung von "Fijilive" vom 22. Februar 2007:

KPMG to audit NLTB's IT system

Accounting and auditing firm KPMG has been selected to carry out a special audit of the MySAP IT system currently used by the Native Land Trust Board to provide its information system.

The Board of NLTB, which includes Fiji President Ratu Josefa Iloilo, approved the selection of the firm today.

Interim Minister for Fijian Affairs Ratu Epeli Ganilau said the firm's interim report is scheduled to be considered by the Board's Standing Committee on March 30.

"After that review, KPMG is to submit their final report to the Standing Committee for its later consideration by the full NLTB Board on April 26, 2007," he said.

Ratu Epeli adds that several accounting firms were requested to submit tenders for the special audit. Only two submitted their interests.

An earlier statement by Ratu Epeli said that the audit has been commissioned as a result of the growing concerns relating to the management, the alleged misuse of the Board's resources and the alleged failure of the 'mySAP' IT system to achieve all of its deliveries.

A company headed by a Fijian millionaire won the tender to install the mySAP system at a cost of $16m in 2004 amidst much opposition from rival bidders.

NLTB's General Manager Kalivati Bakani and Strategic Change Manager Mojito Mua have been sent on leave to allow for an inspection of the organisation's operation.

Hier ein ähnlicher Artikel aus der "Fiji Times" von heute:

KPMG to audit board system

Interim Fijian Affairs Minister, Ratu Epeli Ganilau+ Enlarge this image

Interim Fijian Affairs Minister, Ratu Epeli Ganilau

ACCOUNTING firm KPMG has been selected to audit the Native Land Trust Board's information technology system.

This was approved by the NLTB board at its meeting on Thursday.

Minister for Fijian Affairs and board chairman, Ratu Epeli Ganilau, said KPMG had been told of the board's approval.

"The interim report is scheduled to be considered by the board's standing committee on March 30," he said.

"After the review, KPMG is to submit their final report to the standing committee for later consideration by the NLTB on April 26."

The audit was commissioned by Ratu Epeli after board general manager Kalivati Bakani and strategic change manager Mojito Mua were sent on leave last month to make way for the audit of the IT system, known as mySAP, which was installed at a cost of $16million in 2004.

The NLTB IT system provider, Pacific Connex, has denied the system cost $16m, saying that amount was the cost for services over 11 years.

Meanwhile, Ratu Epeli also said in view of the numerous allegations levelled at the NLTB, the Anti Corruption Unit would also look at these allegations.

"The interim Government, through its Anti Corruption Unit, will be tasked to carry out an operational audit of NLTB and determine if there have been breaches under the Native Lands Trust Act by officers of the board.

23. Februar 2007, 18:30

Als historische Archivierung gedacht: die neue Liste der Minister (es sind etliche weniger als in früheren Regierungen - gut so!!!)

Prime Minister, Minister for Home Affairs, Immigration and Information - Commodore Josaia Voreqe Bainimarama
Attorney-General, Minister for Justice, Electoral Reform and Anti-Corruption - Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum
Minister for Finance, National Planning, Public Enterprise and Sugar Industry - Mahendra Pal Chaudhry
Minister for Foreign Affairs and External Trade - Ratu Epeli Nailatikau
Minister for Fijian Affairs, Heritage, Provincial Development and Multi-Ethnic Affairs -Ratu Epeli Ganilau
Minister for the Public Service and Public Sector Reform - Poseci Bune
Minister for Health - Dr Jona Senilagakali
Minister for Youth, Sports, Employment Opportunities and Productivity - Lekh Ram Vayeshnoi
Minister for Local Government, Urban Development and Public Utilities - Jone Navakamocea
Minister for Labour, Industrial Relations, Tourism and Environment - Bernadette Rounds-Ganilau
Minister for Education - Netani Sukanaivalu
Minister for Transport, Works and Energy - Manu Korovulavula
Minister for Commerce, Industry, Investment & Communications - Taito Waradi
Minister for Women, Social Welfare and Housing - Adi Laufitu Malani
Minister for Lands and Mineral Resources - Tevita Vuibau
Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forests - Jainend Kumar

21. Februar 2007, 18:50

Kam leider wieder nicht dazu, etwas in dieses Blog zu schreiben. Aber man darf gespannt sein, was morgen der NLTB-Verwaltungsrat entscheidet. Denn anscheinend haben sie eine Person oder Organisaiton gefunden, welchen das mySAP-Projekt bei NLTB untersuchen sollen.

14. Februar 2007, 18:30

Es scheint, dass man wirklich Munition gegen PacificConnex sammelt. Hier der Artikel aus der heutigen "Fiji Sun". Ich bin gespannt, was da noch weiter kommt.

Landowners to pay firm’s bills

By Cheerieann Wilson

Landowners' money may be used to foot the bills of an information and technology company that no longer supplies software to the Native Land Trust Board. Pacific Connex, the exclusive distributor of the mySAP systems, had acquired assets financed by Credit Corporation to the value of more than $350,000. And the NLTB is obliged to pay the sum by January next year if Pacific Connex fails to pay in time. Assets acquired by Pacific Connex included nine four-wheel drives, four printers, 24 flat screen computers, four service data centres, eight HP units, 13 desktop computers, cyber driver CD writers, colour printers wireless network, modems, printers, fibre channel, servers, a laser printer, ultra power supply, processors, and other IT hardware. Documents acquired by the FijiSun show that the NLTB will pay money owed to the Credit Corporation if Pacific Connex defaults on any payments. The Credit Corporation 'Notice of Assignment' states that the NLTB is obligated to pay if the agreement between itself and Pacific Connex is terminated before the payment of the amount is due."This guarantee by the NLTB shall be a continuing guarantee and shall be a principal obligation between the NLTB and Credit Corp and shall be available as a guarantee for the whole sum due and owing at that time by Pacific Connex to Credit Corp," the notice states. Ousted NLTB general manager Kalivati Bakani had signed a Notice of Assignment by Credit Corporation therefore making the undertaking that the NLTB will pay the monies due and payable in January next year.

The "Notice of Assignment' states that the NLTB is irrevocably directed to pay all the payments that may be derived by Pacific Connex under the agreement dated in March 2004 to Credit Corporation. In a letter dated in August last year the Office of the Registrar of Companies reminded Pacific Connex that its annual returns from 2001 to 2005 had not been delivered.Pacific Connex was given 14 days to file the annual returns and failure to do so would results in legal proceedings. Minister for Fijian Affairs and NLTB board chairman Ratu Epeli Ganilau had announced that the use of the software system had been suspended until investigations into the NLTB were completed. Pacific Connex is an IT company owned by Tui Consultants, which is owned by Ballu Khan and Vanua Development Corporation the investment arm of the Native Land Trust Board.


13. Februar 2007, 18:00

Die Leute im öffentlichen Dienst müssen sich also den Gürtel enger schnallen. 5% wird per se der Lohn gekürzt. Natürlich stösst das nicht gerade auf Liebe, viele Gewerkschaften liebäugeln mit einem Streik. Aber Chaudhry, der Interim-Finanzminister, hat es ganz klar gesagt: angesichts der derzeitigen Situation müsse man eben Entbehrungen auf sich nehmen.

Es bleibt zu hoffen, dass wirklich niemand streiken wird. Denn das wäre wirklich sehr schädigend für die Wirtschaft dort. <er

12. Februar 2007, 19:30

Die Ueberschwemmungen im nördlichen Distrikt, der Insel Vanual Levua, haben Verwüstungen in der Höhe von F$1 Million erreicht.

Jeder kann spenden!

Hier der Appell von Yusuf Roshan:

You may have heard that there has been a massive flood in Labasa area earlier this week. While this time cost in terms of human lives is not as high as that during Cyclone Ami, the flood destruction is equally destructive, especially in rural areas closer to the sources of the major rivers. To this day (8 February ), there has been no state relief - like food or clothing - distributed to areas like Korotari, Vunimoli, etc, which have been heavily affected by the floods.

After Cyclone Ami, a group of volunteers had established the 'Disaster and Charity Fund'. This group, headed by civil servant Pradeep C. Lal, is active in relief distribution; immediately after the floods, so far the group assisted 27 families with relief. They, however, urgently require assistance; their priority is books and stationery, though immediately and for the next 7 days or so, food and clothing would also be desirable.

Given the massive publicity of abuse of relief materials and cash during Cyclone Ami by some unions/groups, it is strongly recommended that you channel any assistance you can provide through this group, which is directly working with the victims. (To the best of my knowledge, the only other body of unblemished record involved in relief work there now is the Save the Children's Fund - through which you can channel your assistance as well)

Any assistance you can provide would be most appreciated by the helpless victims You can courier your assistance in kind (again, preference is for books/stationery (and non-perishable food items and clothing if these can be delivered within 7 days) to them preferably by CDP Couriers or EMS (marked to the attention of: Pradeep C Lal, Disaster and Charity Fund, Labasa).

If you wish to donate cash that could be used to purchase items you want them for distribution, you may deposit your donations to the Disaster and Charity Fund account, Bank of Baroda, Labasa Branch, Acc No: 528586. For transparency, if you deposit any fund, please let Dr Ganesh Chand (ganesh@connect.com.fj) know so that, as someone endorsing this group, he will keep the records updated for future cross reference with their accounts (also, please send a cc to Pradeep Lal - pradeepclal@connect.com.fj) for his records too.

Yusuf Roshan


11. Februar 2007, gegen abend

Ein paar riesige Kreuzfahrtschiffe sind in Suva angekommen. Alle wurden offiziell mit Musik begrüsst.

10. Februar 2007, 17:00

Google noch ein bisschen rum, um alte Berichte über den SAP-Deal bei NLTB zu finden.

Hier zum Beispiel ein Press-Release von NLTB selbst, veröffentlicht im April 2003:


At its meeting on Friday 12th March, the Board of NLTB approved new arrangements for its information technology management. It will use an internationally-recognised software system, SAP.

The NLTB's IT needs will be supplied by PacificConnex (PCX), a joint venture of its subsidiary company, Vanua Development Corporation (VDC). VDC will hold a controlling interest in PacificConnex. Fortynine per cent of its shares are to be held by TUI Management Services. This is the investment company of Mr. Ballu Khan, a Fiji-born businessman, with wide international experience in IT.

This comprehensive statement is issued to clear doubts and misconceptions that may have arisen as a result of recent media coverage on the subject.


When the current Management of NLTB took office in 2002, one of the biggest issues it faced after having settled into office was that of its information system. Confidentiality, Security and Data Integrity were the initial areas of concern. It quickly became apparent that the development of a fully integrated IT system was to be the Way Forward.

The local firm of Software Factory Ltd. (SFL) was engaged to perform a review of NLTB's system, and their preliminary findings were submitted on 8th July, 2003. SFL subsequently recommended an IT Roadmap for NLTB which was adopted.

Tender Process

Once the specifications for the new system had been established, an expression of interest to develop the IT Roadmap was advertised in the three local dailies on 20th to 22nd January, 2004. This attracted 14 individuals and companies, 4 of which were approved to submit proposals:
1. Information Technology Services
2. Software Factory Limited
3. DATEC (Fiji) Limited
4. Tui Consulting

At its meeting on 25th February 2004, the Board approved in principle the bid by Tui Consulting, Mr. Ballu Khan's main operating company. The Board has since also agreed to Mr. Khan assigning his tender obligations to the PacificConnex joint venture. Details of this joint venture were completed after agreement had been reached in principle on the IT tender by Tui Consulting.

Price was only one of the considerations in the tender evaluation process. The primary consideration was to develop a fully integrated system. This is of crucial importance as NLTB now looks after around 90% of all land in Fiji, with a current porfolio of 32,000+ leases.

PacificConnex (PCX) Joint Venture

PCX is a major initiative by NLTB, through its wholly owned subsidiary VDC to acquire greater indigenous Fijian involvement in Fiji's developing IT industry. As well as handling the NLTB's requirements, it will be bidding for additional IT work. Staff of the NLTB's IT division will be transferred to PacificConnex which expects to become a major IT employer. Tui Consulting will provide the company with technical knowledge and skills training. The NLTB will maintain control of board information through its control interest in PCX, by its subsidiary Vanua Development Corporation.

Price & Conditions of Approval

As earlier announced, the NLTB renegotiated the tender price which has now been reduced from $1.8 million to $1.3 million per year. PCX will provide this service for 12 years. NLTB has the option of withdrawing from the arrangements if specific conditions are not met.

Our records show that since NLTB's original computerisation in 1975, the cost of providing IT services has totalled $35,357,143, or an average of $1,178,571 per year.

The cost of the new system to be introduced will therefore cost NLTB an additional $121,429 per year on average. Our assessment is that the benefits that will accrue to NLTB as a result of the upgrade will far outweigh the additional $121,429 per year.

The SAP Solution

There is no doubt that we have negotiated the best solution for the NLTB. One of the unsuccessful bidders, Software Factory Ltd., wrote to us after being informed of the Board's decision saying "We congratulate you and the Board for deciding to go with SAP. As you are now probably aware, SAP is the number one enterprise-wide financial software solution in the world"

TUI Consulting specialises in implementing SAP. It has assisted many international companies and organisations improve business opportunities through effective use of SAP. It has won contracts in South East Asia, the Pacific, the US, Canada and Europe.

SAP applications will be used by PacificConnex in its work for the NLTB. It will allow us to fully integrate our land management data along with our human resource and financial information systems. PacificConnex has the sole rights for the use of the SAP system in Fiji.

Political Influence in the Tender Decision

The Board rejects totally suggestions that political influence has been a factor in its decision. It is therefore mischievous and uncalled for that political considerations were a factor.

The issue is obviously now being politicised by some people with a particular agenda. This tender has no connection whatsoever with the SDL Party or the Duavata Initiative Ltd.

It is insulting and disrespectful to suggest that His Excellency the President, the Honourable Prime Minister and leading chiefs on the Board representing the Fijian landowners, have not followed proper procedures or acted in the best interests of the landowners and the Fijian people.


The commercial decisions the Board has taken will bring major benefits to the landowners and all other stakeholders through more effective information management. The Vanua Development Corporation and its first joint venture in PacificConnex will be working to increase indigenous Fijian participation in the economy. Mr. Ballu Khan is a respected and successful entrepreneur from Fiji. His personal interest and assistance to education and sports (rugby) in Fiji are there for all to see. We look forward to working with him.

I am leaving at the weekend with Mr. Mojito Mua, the NLTB's Strategic Change Manager, to study a project recently completed by TUI Consulting in Tacoma in Washington State in the US. This US$50 million contract for the Tacoma Municipal Council, was completed by TUI Consulting on time and on budget. It will be a valuable opportunity for Mr. Mua and me to see how the SAP system works. Tacoma is the location of TUI Consulting corporate headquarters.

One media outlet has persistently tried to impute improper motives and unethical practices to NLTB's Board and Management, when in fact there is none.


Schon damals habe ich mich gefragt, warum das IT-System für NLTB so viel kosten soll. Man muss bedenken, dass NLTB damals nur etwa 150 Mitarbeiter hatte, also maximal 150 PCs. F$1.3M (ca. CHF1 Million) pro Jahr auf 12 Jahre schienen schon etwas happig.

Hier noch die Ansprache des früheren, nun abgesetzten Premierministers Laisania Qarase zur "Eröffnung" des neuen IT-Systems bei NLTB:

Hon. Qarase - Launching of NLTB's new Information System
May 17, 2004, 18:30

Hon. Laisenia Qarase
Prime Minister and Minister for Fijian Affairs, Culture & Heritage; Minister for National Reconciliation & Unity; and Minister for ALTA & Sugar Industry Reform

Distinguished guests
Ladies and Gentlemen:

Good evening everyone. Firstly, let me thank the organizers for their willingness to defer this event from its original date because of the disastrous floods, which struck in April.

Also, for seeking another postponement following the death of the late Turaga na Tui Nayau, Ratu Sir Kamisese Mara. Your decisions showed sensitivity to the nation’s loss in the passing of a great leader and statesman, and to a disaster, which brought death, suffering and destruction to many of our people.

I express special thanks to Mr Ballu Khan for his generous contribution to the relief effort. My gratitude also to all our friends and well-wishers, here and overseas, who have helped in so many different ways to ease the crisis and help people in need.

We are moving well with our assistance programmes and if there is anyone else who would like to make a financial contribution they are welcome to send their donations to the Fiji Red Cross, or to the Prime Minister's National Disaster Relief and Rehabilitation Fund.

Let me also say Ni sa Bula and welcome to our guests from abroad, Mr Tim Cavill of SAP Australia and his associates, and, of course, Mr Auckland Blues himself, Carlos Spencer! I’m sorry the Blues didn’t make the Super 12 semi-finals, despite its almighty last effort the other weekend.

But I know you’re enjoying a personal triumph of another kind, and that’s the birth of your son, Payton Cruz. Congratulations to you and your partner, Jodene, on that achievement! I have no doubt your appointment, as corporate ambassador for PacificConnex, will attract much positive interest in the company, its products and services.

I have a particular interest in this evening’s proceedings, not only as Prime Minister, but also as Chair of the Native Land Trust Board, one of Fiji's most important institutions.

Mr Bakani's appointment in 2002 heralded the start of an era at the NLTB of change and efficiency. The mission he was given was to produce maximum revenue for landowners, promote sound relationships with stakeholders and bring benefits to the national economy. What we are marking tonight is very much part of that.

The Vanua Development Corporation, as explained by Mr Dakuidreketi, is an investment company, which will add to the returns of the landowners.

We expect it to follow Fijian Holdings and Yasana Holdings in building a sound and varied portfolio of shareholdings.

One of the prime policies of my Government is to reshape the economy so that wealth is distributed more evenly and people from all our communities are given opportunities to improve their lives and free themselves from poverty. The manifesto that brought us to office specifically declared that Information and Communication Technology had huge promise for Fiji and that our Government would be actively promoting this as a priority.

We are doing just that and, as a result, Fiji is seeing the emergence of a very promising new sector of our economy.

ICT is not only producing jobs. It has applications right across the business and commercial spectrum, in Government, in planning, public health, education and so on.

We have adopted a focused ICT policy to attract investors in this industry to our shores. Already there have been a number of significant IT investments. And this evening we celebrate the latest of these.

PacificConnex Ltd is a strategically-significant combination with very large potential. Its objectives, as we’ve heard, are to provide world-class IT services and commercial solutions, desk-top infrastructure and consulting. It will promote a knowledge-based economy in Fiji and help with the implementation of the Fijian Blueprint initiatives.

The Government is making a special effort to narrow the economic disparity between the Fijians and the rest of the population.

The Fijians in general struggle to get access to the wealth and opportunities of the market economy. It is important for us to increase their participation as we construct a stable, peaceful and just society.

We have heard from previous speakers about Vanua Development Corporation, SAP and the NLTB's aptly named LALI, or Land and Lease Information system. All of them will play a part in the effort to accelerate the progress of the Fijians.

Mr Dakuidreketi has explained how earnings from the VDC will help the NLTB to increase the amount it distributes to the Fijian landowners. Like him, I am confident VDC will secure many sound and profitable investments.

Similarly, PacificConnex will help open the way for more Fijian involvement in the IT revolution - and, at the same time, further supplement the NLTB's revenue.

I'd like to dwell briefly on Mr Khan's role. He is a remarkably successful hi-tech entrepreneur, hailing from the island of Nairai in Lomaiviti. This local boy with business flair has done well for himself overseas in the utilities industry and in the application of IT.

The company inaugurated tonight marks a new level of commitment to Fiji by Mr Khan. We wish him well in this venture, and I think we can be confident that the success he has earned elsewhere will be repeated in PacificConnex.

I congratulate all those involved in the operations that have been outlined to us, and now have much pleasure in launching the NLTB’s Land and Lease Information System - LALI, and inaugurating Vanua Development Corporation Ltd and PacificConnex Ltd.

Vinaka vakalevu.




10. Februar 2007, gegen 10:00

Jetzt ist es also passiert! Eine Untersuchung soll stattfinden bei Native Land Trust Board betreffend IT. NLTB hat ja vor ein paar Jahren für eine Unsumme SAP-Software gekauft. Man darf gespannt auf den Audit-Bericht hoffen. Das Problem wird nur sein, dass halt das Geld bereits "verlocht" ist.

Hier noch die Meldung wie erschienen in der Fiji Sun von heute:

A searching inquiry is to take place into the operations of the Native Land Trust Board. Its general manager and strategic change manager have been sent on enforced and indefinite leave. Yesterday, the new board approved an immediate audit into the institution's operations with particular reference to a computer system purchased for $16million which has reportedly failed to live up specifications.

The mySAP system was sold to the board and installed by Pacific Connex, a company closely associated with self-proclaimed millionaire Ballu Khan. It is the sole provider of computer solutions to the NLTB and is owned by the Vanua Development Corporation Limited and a company owned by Mr Khan.

Board chairman and Minister for Fijian Affairs Ratu Epeli Ganilau said it has been decided at yesterday's meeting that the matter about the dissolution of VDCL had been deferred while “administrative processes are put in place to determine how best the dismantling exercise for this fully-owned company would be proceeded with”.

“The board has approved the detailed audit of the mySAP computer system that has been operating in NLTB since December 2004 should proceed with immediate effect,” he said. VDCL was incorporated in 2003 and began its operations the year after. Yesterday’s extraordinary meeting of the NLTB board at which ex officio member President Ratu Josefa Iloilo was present arrived at several resolutions.

The board endorsed the actions taken by chairman and Minister for Fijian Affairs in consultation with Ratu Iloilo for the enforced and indefinite leave of general manager Kalivati Bakani and strategic change manager Mojito Mua.

It decided that the audit of mySAP and the whole NLTB operation would proceed as a matter of urgency and the outcome would be reported back to the board in April. The board also endorsed the appointment of deputy general manager corporate Joveci Tuinamuana as acting GM while Mr Bakani is on leave. A full NLTB board meeting will be held on April 26 to finalise the future of Mr Bakani and Mr Mua after the consideration of the audit reports.

Und hier noch ein Artikel aus der Fiji Times von heute:

THE dissolution of the Native Land Trust Board's commercial arm was part of the discussions at the "extraordinary" meeting of the board yesterday.

Interim Minister for Fijian Affairs and NLTB chairman Ratu Epeli Ganilau said the meeting was called with only two items on the agenda and the proposed dissolution of the Vanua Development Corporation Limited was one of them.

The dissolution has been deferred as necessary arrangements are taken care of.

President Ratu Josefa Iloilo chaired the meeting in his capacity as an ex-officio member of the Board of Trustees of NLTB.

"It was decided at the meeting after consideration of the first item that the matter about the dissolution of VDCL is to be deferred whilst administrative processes are put in place to determine how best the dismantling exercise for this fully owned company would be proceeded with," said Ratu Epeli.

"VDCL is the business arm of the NLTB which was incorporated on 18/12/03 and which began its operation from the beginning of 2004."

The second item on the meeting's agenda was the enforced definite leave for the general manager Kalivati Bakani and strategic change manager Mojito Mua and the special audit of the board's IT system my SAP which cost them $16million.

The board has agreed to the sending on leave of Mr Bakani and Mr Mua and that the audit on its IT system be conducted as early as possible in order to have a report on it ready by April.

The board also endorsed the appointment of Joveci Tuinamuana as the acting general manager of NLTB while Mr Bakani is on leave.

Hier noch der heutige Artikel von Fijilive:

Interim Fijian Affairs Minister Ratu Epeli Ganilau has revealed that a team will be appointed to investigate some of the operations of the Native Lands Trust Board.

The NLTB board endorsed the audit of its operations including the $16million IT system "mySAP" at a special meeting yesterday.

Ratu Epeli said complaints from landowners against NLTB services should be a thing of the past after the audit.

"The landowners have complained far too long and I agree that something is wrong with this organisation."

"If any organisation like NLTB has been receiving numerous complaints, then there has to be reasons for these complaints."

Ratu Epeli said the auditing of the company’s IT system will ensure a more reformed and efficient IT system of NLTB.

Natürlich darf der von der Daily Post auch nicht fehlen:

JOBS are on the line for Native Land Trust Board (NLTB) General Manager Kalivati Bakani and Strategic Change Manager Mojito Mua following a special NLTB meeting today.

Acting General Manager Joveci Tuinamuana confirmed yesterday that the meeting today will decide their fate and pave a way forward for NLTB.

He said the special audit of the IT system “my SAP” will also be discussed. The system cost $16 million to set up and there are claims that it failed to deliver the requirements of the organisation. He added the chairperson of the executive board Ratu Josefa Iloilo will also be at the meeting.


"Seriously something has to be done about it and we are glad that the auditing has come about."

He also said that the board will be looking at other services within the NLTB which the public have complained about.


Ebenfalls der gestrige Artikel aus der Fiji Times:

Update: 5.20pm An audit is to be carried out as a matter of urgency into the Native Land Trust Board's $16million computer system.

This follows a recommendation from a meeting of the NLTB this morning.

As well, general manager Kalivati Bakani and Strategic Change Manager Mojito Mua will stay on enforced leave until at least April 26.

This is when the board will next meet and the fate of the two men's careers is expected to be decided then.

A proposal to dissolve the NLTB's commercial arm, the Vanua Development Corporation, has been put on hold while investigations are carried out into the best way to dismantle it.

Another proposal to streamline the board's operations has also been put on hold until the April meeting.


3. Februar 2007, morgens

Ist zwar schon eine Weile her. Aber Leute in Fidschi haben mich gefragt, ob denn wirklich in Schweizer Zeitungen über das Land berichtet würde. Hier also der Beweis. Zwar ist der Zeitungsausschnitt vom 8. Januar 2007, aber "Heute" ist die zweitgrösste (noch?) Gratiszeitung der Schweiz, erscheint wochentags jeweils am Nachmittag.

Okay, hier mal was zu einem Gebiet auf welchem ich mit meinem Alter, Bauch und Lebensgewohnheiten wirklich nicht mitreden sollte SPORT.

Aber haben es doch heute das fidschianische Rugby 7s-Team geschafft, im Halbfinal Neuseeland mit 31:0 zu schlagen. Damit werden sie im Final gegen England antreten.

In Fidschi war Rugby schon immer populär. Fussball ist zwar auch noch okay, auch im Netball (nur Frauen) sind die Sportler/-innen von Fidschi Klasse.

Aber das 7s-Rugby, bei welchem nur (!) sieben Spieler gegen die gegnerische Mannschaft auf dem riesigen Spielfeld antreten, ist doch das 'forte' der fidschianischen Sportler. Spieler wie Waisele Serevi gehören seit über zehn Jahren zur Weltklasse.

Im deutschen Raum ist ja Rugby nicht sehr populär. Deshalb kennt man ja wohl Vijay Singh, einen in Fidschi geborenen Golfer, welcher immer noch unter Fidschi spielt. Er lebt ja zwar nicht mehr dort, aber vielleicht wird er doch den versprochenen 18-Loch Golfplatz oberhalb der Natadola Beach in der Nähe von Sigatoka bauen.

1. Februar 2007, nach 18.00

Mr. Qarase, der frühere PM, hat heute wieder mal gesprochen. Von seiner Heimatinsel aus - auf die Hauptinsel kann er ja noch nicht.

Was die Forum Eminent Persons Group (Gruppe von wichtigen Personen) wirklich ist, und wie viel eine solche auf die Verhältnisse hat, habe ich noch nicht in Erfahrung gebracht.

Aber dass diese Gruppe ihn auf den Lau-Inseln besucht hat, zeigt doch, dass Qarase noch immer als legitimer Regierungschef angesehen wird.

Da lese ich auch noch auf Fijilive, dass eine Firma in Neuseeland es als zu kostspielig erachtet, den Putsch vom Jahre 2000 aufzuklären.

Oilei, oilei, das müsste sich Fidschi vielleicht kosten lassen. Denn es gilt ja nach wie vor, die Hintermänner/frauen zu eruieren.

Natürlich bleibt die Frage, wer das zahlen soll. Der Steuerzahler in Fidschi? Oder eine ausländische Macht bzw. Entwicklungsbehörde?

Mal sehen, was da kommt


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